Our Coffee

We Serve Quality Coffee

We here at The Buffet Box Cafe take our coffee seriously, so much so we only use beans that fall into The Speciality Coffee Category. This Commitment to Speciality Coffee has seen us achieve an entry in the 4th & 5th Editions of The Scottish Independent Coffee Guide, and we are also members of SCA Europe (Speciality Coffee Association)

The Term Speciality Coffee refers to the whole process of coffee production, from Farmers planting seedlings right through to the barista serving your cuppa.

The beans are quality scored and throughout, they must record a score at a minimum of 80 or above on a scale of 1 to 100 to meet with SCA speciality coffee requirements.


Coffee Farmers

The beans are normally always grown by small independent coffee farmers either as individuals or a part of local co-operatives. The beans must always be traceable back to source.  In each of the differing countries they’re commitment to quality is rewarded by fair pricing and direct routes to market ensuring a more sustainable future for them and their families and the wider communities in which they farm.

Fair pricing

This fair pricing and routes to market strategy results in more money being paid directly to them, this unfortunately is not afforded to those producing for the commodity coffee market (ie the large coffee chains), the commodity coffee market is currently trading at an all time low (Jan 2020*), therefore this effort to produce speciality coffee results in a fair price being paid to those that need it most, the farmers.


Coffee Production

Each stage of the coffee production process must be totally focused on achieving the optimum quality from the bean ensuring a perfect cup of coffee each and everytime, and almost every stage of the journey is done by hand rather than heavily mechanised systems, utilising the skills of various coffee professionals along the journey to you cup.

Our coffee Origins

All our coffee beans are locally roasted by Artisan Coffee Roasters, and each of our coffees are roasted to bring out differing characteristics and flavours of each of the beans depending upon the country, region, altitude etc that the beans are grown.

Our coffee range is forever changing dependant on what’s available, remembering these beans are not mass produced otherwise they would not meet the speciality requirements, but the quality and range we offer will never compromise on taste and always meet the minimum requirements of The Speciality Coffee Association.

We trust you can taste the difference, and why not check our coffee boards and see which flavour hints you can detect in your cuppa.

*Average price $1.09 per 1lb Macrotrends Commodity price checks.